Our Team

We are the culture creator. The centerpiece of the building. The daymaker. The community builder. All striving to enrich people's lives through convenience, well-being, experiences, and connections. We bring buildings to life and cultivate a vibrant community that people don’t want to leave.

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Work happy. Be a daymaker.

Meet Our Corporate Team

Christina Urquhart

Founder & CEO

Rebecca Lee

Vice President of Development

Trina Jackson

Vice President of Operations & Accounting

Katie Miller

Vice President of Human Resources

Ashley Ramirez

Vice President of Marketing & Programs

Alli Cray

Director of Client Solutions

Courtney Druckenmiller

Vendor Relations & Partnerships

Gwen Hoon

Vendor Billing & Contracts Manager

Amanda Abeya

Senior Account Success Manager

Megan Betcher

Product Success Manager

Rob Alston

Marketing & Graphic Design

Mike Burke

Technology Lead


"The service your company offers and the personalized attention given to your clients is nothing short of good business and solid competence. We are a fortunate recipient of your expertise and very much look forward to working with you in the future. We now better understand why our landlord smartly and strategically brought Simpli into their portfolio of offerings to tenants. You’re quite the value-added business with impressive results!"

"I value the activities as they are very creative ideas and hit a diverse spread of interests. It makes the years a lot more fun when seasonally themed get-togethers are available to indulge your playful side in the very same place you spend working day in and day out."

"I like feeling like the landlords are actually invested in our success rather than trying to get away with doing as little as possible. It creates a lot of engagement that I think is refreshing."

Enriching lives through enhanced experiences, connections, and well-being.