Engage Tenants and Activate Your Community.

Attract and retain tenants with an elevated workplace experience that promotes community and convenience.

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Why Simpli?

Tenant Attraction
& Retention

We work with Leasing & Property Management to execute an engaged and connected community, leading to tenant attraction and retention at higher rents.


Our holistic approach to wellness maximizes engagement with mind, body and spirit programs.

Elevate the Service

We provide exclusive concierge services that promote productivity, convenience, and delight both at work and at home.

& Exposure

With our marketing expertise we can increase exposure, attendance and usage through social media, technology and on the ground marketing techniques.

Workplace Experience App

Our workplace experience app ties together amenities, services and engagement, elevating the workplace experience


Explore all the amenities your building has to offer, access information, parking, retailers and maintenance.


Need lunch for a meeting? Ordered. Have a date tonight? Reservation confirmed. Car is a mess? It's fully detailed. Get all your tedious tasks done while you focus on what's most important.


Stay Connected
Showcase your building's features, amenities, retailers, content, links, contacts and more with our fully branded and customizable tenant engagement app.


A dynamic collection of special deals, experiences, rewards and privileges from national, regional and local partners.


Discover everything your building has to offer. Register for workout classes, order fresh pressed juices, book massages and more.

Experience Management

We plan and execute unique virtual and on-site experiences that create value, engage tenants, and encourage connection.

Simpli Sponsored Programming: Complimentary, recurring, and interactive experiences focused on wellbeing, social, culture, learning, and leadership. Explore Simpli Live.

Health and Wellness: We understand the importance of wellness in the workplace. We’ve developed a comprehensive wellness program that inspires community, self-care, and movement.

Customized Building-specific Experiences: Hybrid events, workshops and sessions curated specifically for your tenants based on your building demographics and budget.


Concierge Services

Support tenant company initiatives to increase engagement and retention and provide programs that bring convenience and work-life balance to individuals in your building.

Support tenant companies: Foster engagement and retention for employers by providing services that focus on employee recognition and strengthening the community.

Support individuals: Make working at your building convenient with programs that foster work-life integration and time-saving services.

Amenity Management

Bring your space to life with activations and enhancements that engage employees and utilize your assets with our full-service, streamlined management program.


Leasing Initiatives

From the initial tour of your space to creating an exceptional workplace experience after they move-in, our team is committed to enhancing the experience of your tenants at every touch point.


Exclusive Perks

Partner with retailers to secure perks, provide experiences, and offer rewards and privileges exclusive to building tenants through our integrated technology.


Who We Work With


"The service your company offers and the personalized attention given to your clients is nothing short of good business and solid competence. We are a fortunate recipient of your expertise and very much look forward to working with you in the future. We now better understand why our landlord smartly and strategically brought Simpli into their portfolio of offerings to tenants. You’re quite the value-added business with impressive results!"

"I value the activities as they are very creative ideas and hit a diverse spread of interests. It makes the years a lot more fun when seasonally themed get-togethers are available to indulge your playful side in the very same place you spend working day in and day out."

"I like feeling like the landlords are actually invested in our success rather than trying to get away with doing as little as possible. It creates a lot of engagement that I think is refreshing."

"Simpli is certainly the best tenant service that I have ever experienced at any of the downtown properties where I have worked. Quality, convenient programs and professional service that represents Lerner Properties at the highest level."

Enriching lives through enhanced experiences, connections, and well-being.