#WorkHappy: Allison Cray

This is the second installment in our new blog series, #WorkHappy, a collection of stories featuring our amazing team members who bring workplaces to life. 

Introducing Allison Cray, Strategic Partnerships and Programs

I keep a pulse on all things modern–from innovative vendors to trending workplace perks

After graduating college I secured a full-time role at Charm City Concierge as a workplace experience manager. Following several years of activating some of the largest office properties in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC, I was promoted to our corporate office in Herndon to manage strategic partnerships and programs. I am thrilled at how my role has evolved as I continue to take on responsibilities that align with my passions and strengths. 

My day-to-day

Most days I am in charge of my agenda—with no two days ever the same. Essentially, I am in charge of keeping Charm City Concierge’s workplace modern so that we can, in turn, keep our clients’ workplaces modern.  

I set out to find strategic partners that meet or exceed the high bar we’ve set for workplace experiences for our clients. This means some days I am researching trendy businesses, other days I’m attending events, networking, and even going to tastings to find those undiscovered partners and perks. They range from new apps and technology, such as virtual reality products we install in our client’s workspaces, to smoothie cubes that make for a healthy, energizing snack to stock in the breakroom freezer. I also establish partnerships with services like ZogCulture, a team of company event experts who focus on bringing fun, collaboration and engagement to the workplace. 


In addition to staying on top of what’s trending, I love that my job allows me to jump into creative projects, like training social media managers, supporting brand strategy and business development.  

I love making a visible impact. One of the most exciting changes I’ve made is shifting the way we partner with vendors—we go beyond a traditional structure and include extras like social media and content-sharing to make it a win-win for everyone. It’s an empowering feeling to have free rein to produce good work, step out of the box for what’s been done before and implement creative ways to change how we work. 

By far the biggest perk of working at Charm City Concierge is the culture. Led by our CEO, Tina, we are lucky to have such a dynamic, passionate leader at the helm of our business who is in tune with our day-to-day operations. Tina encourages our workplace atmosphere to remain very open, even as we grow. We all communicate on a personal and professional level, which feels more like a family to me than a formal workplace. 

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