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Simpli Live Presents

Virtual Wellness Week

January 25th - 29th

Simpli is here to support you and your employee’s wellness goals in 2021. We’ve put together a week of mindfulness, movement, and motivation that will promote productivity, boost immunity and improve your overall well-being.


Daily Morning Mindfulness Meetings to increase productivity and activate your day

Daily Afternoon Workshops to kick-start new wellness habits

Daily Mini Breaks to refuel your body and brain

Additional Sessions & Workshops to inspire and educate

Daily Wellness Tips & Resources to keep you feeling motivated


Intellectual Wellness


Emotional Wellness


Physical Wellness


Work/Life Wellness


Personal Development

Meet The Experts


Brett Eaton

Life Optimization Coach
Motivational Speaker
Peak Performance Expert

Brett Eaton is a Life Optimization Coach, and fitness professional for over 14 years whose mission is to get you to bring your dreams to life and turn potential into reality. He will motivate and inspire us during his sessions to become the best version of ourselves.

Heather Rupp, Ph.D., CMT-P
Tracy Hockmeyer, Ph.D

Mindfulness and Acupuncture Experts

Heather and Tracy are twin sisters sharing a passion for science and wellness. Both have their Ph.Ds in Psychology and began their careers researching how and why our brains and bodies do what they do and can be optimized. They will provide techniques to stay grounded and infuse wellness into our daily routine with their sessions.

Caroline Sprinkle

Certified Health Coach

Caroline brings over 10 years in health & wellness industry expertise to help transform people’s lives through health coaching. She will empower us to live our healthiest and most productive life on and off the job, teaching us techniques to cope with and relieve daily stress.

Elise Museles

Nutrition Expert

Elise Museles is a Certified Eating Psychology and Nutrition Expert, creator of the Food Story Method and platform, and host of the popular podcast, Once Upon a Food Story. Elise will lead us through a food & mood workshop, teaching us how the food-mood connection can positively impact your outlook paired with a powerful chocolate meditation to promote relaxation.

Tahmina Safi

Certified Spiritual Coach

Tahmina Safi is a published writer, poet, certified spiritual coach and the creator of AromaPoetry, an eco-friendly, self-development lifestyle and product line. She will lead us through a guided journaling workshop paired with mediation to explore all of the positive benefits of this combo.

Caroline Rucky

Champion Bodybuilder
Hype Woman

An industry vet, Coach Caroline has been “Bringing the Ruckus” for over 6 years now – delivering new meaning to the term “hype-woman”! Break a sweat as Caroline leads us through a 45-minute BASH Boxing workout. She’ll bring the beats, as we pack the punches paired with intention setting.

Martin Lowe

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Martin Lowe, founder of On the Move Fitness, focuses on providing safe, fun, and effective exercise programs through one-on-one personal training sessions and corporate wellness programs. He will lead us through mini stretch breaks to keep all of us energized and productive.

Sophie Stich


Sophie, founder of Toastworthy, a full-scale celebration brand for hosting showers, corporate events, and more. She will lead us through an interactive Healthy Mixology class to learn how to make healthy mixed infusions to impress your dinner guests.

Josh Fretz

Certified Financial Planner

Joshua Fretz brings over 12 years of financial industry expertise. Josh will lead us through a Work, Life & Money workshop, teaching ways to find balance in work, family life, and financial wellness through retirement planning, savings best practices, and more.

Michael Endress

NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Performance Enhancement Specialist
ACE Certified Health Coach

Mike brings over 13 years of health and wellness industry expertise supporting personal wellness journeys of his clients. He will lead us through a Health & wellness Goal Setting workshop to successfully create attainable goals that will ultimately lead to new, improved and sustainable health for ourselves.

Virtual Wellness Week Lineup

Monday, January 25
Mindfulness Break
Workshop: Habits + Decisions = Results
Stretch Break
Tuesday, January 26
Mindfulness Break
Workshop: Acupressure & Meditation
Brain Break
Healthy Mixology
Wednesday, January 27
Mindfulness Break
Workshop: Food & Mood
Stretch Break
Fitness Class: BASH Boxing
Thursday, January 28
Mindfulness Break
Workshop: Own & Dominate Your Schedule
Workshop: Managing Stress - Path to Resiliency
Brain Break
Friday, January 29
Mindfulness Break

*Session is 30 mins

Workshop: Goal Setting
Workshop: Work, Life, & Money
Stretch Break

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