Light City is Lighting Up Baltimore


Chances are if you live in the DMV you have heard, seen, or even been to Light City. In only its second year, Light City  has attracted thousands of people, bringing tourists and locals of all ages to see what this mysterious and colorful event is all about.

While some people know what it is and are intrigued by it, some are still confused about why and how it came to be. Sure it’s pretty and fun to look at, but Light City is so much more than that. It is about re-imagining Baltimore.

About the Event

Light City’s main goal is to bring innovation and originality back to Baltimore. During the day, the festival includes programs like Labs@Light City. These labs include topics on health, green environments, education, society, design, and food. Each lab focuses on a factor or issue in our society, and panelists discuss creative ideas on how to solve or improve upon these items. Taking the time to attend these events could lead to you making a change not only in your own life, but also helping to create a positive change in someone else’s.

At night is where the magic happens. The beautiful light displays, heart pounding beats and music, and inventive performances allow attendees to see Baltimore at it’s very best. This unique take on our city highlights all that we can be when we come together to enjoy ourselves, as well as when we put our minds to a good cause.

Light City begins Friday, March 31st and runs through Saturday, April 8th.

Main Attractions

While all of Light City is great, there are some events and displays that truly draw a crowd. While there, make sure to check out the Giant Ferris Wheel in the Inner Harbor and the Pool, which allows for interactive play that you can create how the image looks. Both of these popular displays are returning from last year but there are also new additions, like the House of Cards, and large OVO Egg. All events take place along the Inner Harbor all the way into Harbor East, so wear your walking shoes and plan on a trip around the water.

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Written by, Kayla M.

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