Employee Appreciation Day is March 2nd

As an employer, it is important to acknowledge the hard work that employees have contributed in the workplace.  Employee recognition demonstrates an understanding of worth and value, while motivating people to continue to strive for excellence.  In a recent survey, when asked what leaders could do more of to improve engagement, 58% of respondents replied: “give recognition.”

Employee Appreciation Day is just around the corner and is the perfect time to show your employees how thankful you are! Here are some suggestions and tools to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day in your office:

Beverage Bars

Treat your employees with a variety of handcrafted beverages bars to include fruit smoothies, salted caramel milkshakes, red velvet mochas, margaritas and more.  Added bonus:  We are currently running a promotion for $25.00 off any events booked prior to April 13, 2018!

Food Packages

Reward your team with interactive food bars and unique catering options.  Charm City Concierge has a diverse vendor network that will attend to your needs.

For instance, a fun way to start the morning can be with a DIY Waffle Bar, a made to order omelet station or a build your own trail mix bar.

Interactive Events

Company outings are another way to gather employees in honor of Employee Appreciation Day. Whether it is a cooking class, cupcake decorating workshop or Paint and Sip party, there are numerous ways to celebrate the occasion outside of the office.

Tickets & Gifts

Charm City Concierge offers a variety of coveted tickets that can be purchased for your special company outings.  Grab the group and celebrate at a local sporting event.

Employee gifts are another great way to say thank you and show appreciation for you team’s dedication.  Show your staff how much they are appreciated with thoughtful gifts, sweets treats, gift cards and more.   Check out some of our featured employee recognition ideas here.

Our goal is to help your company be a best place to work to attract and retain your top talent.



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