Charm City Falooda Field Trip

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, or as the mother-daughter team would say: “Toli Moli!”

Toli Moli is a small family-owned business that specializes in Falooda, a layered dessert-drink derived from Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Located in Union Market, their pop-up location creates homemade sweet and savory treats. Our DC concierge team had the privilege to sample these unique flavors and get the inside scoop on what goes into a Falooda.


The Falooda is made from scratch with layers of natural fruit jellies, seasonal syrups, basil seeds, noodle pudding, flavored milk, ice cream, and assorted toppings. Many of the flavors include local and handcrafted Dolcezza gelato or sorbet, a DC favorite! Two we especially enjoyed are “Lovebirds,” with espresso gelato and coffee jellies, and “The Royal,” one of the most popular choices that includes pomegranate-ginger jellies and vanilla ice cream.

Toli Moli serves up desserts at Union Market, but also offers on-site catering to create the fresh treat right before guests’ eyes in the office. Your concierge can help you set up a Falooda bar with specialty flavors custom-made in your favorite colors! As they continue to grow #FaloodaNation, the Toli Moli team hopes to inspire classic regional flavors with modern inspiration and share the opportunity to spread the classic Asian dessert country-wide. Check out their menu and contact your concierge to start planning for your crowd-pleasing treat!

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